"One of the most touching love stories the screen has seen in a long time" ... "A love letter to a born star and living legend that will make you laugh, cry, and be thankful that the great Channing is still here among us." - Backstage

"A terrifically entertaining, smartly constructed trip down memory lane with one of the American stage's most legendary troupers" - LA Times

"Charming and seductive." - Toronto Star

"Totally captivating and surprising!" - Film Journal

"A loving look at the saucer-eyed Broadway star’s legend." - The Village Voice

"Splendid!"... "Masterful!"... "Intoxicating!" - NY Press

"A celebration!"... "A bonbon for buffs of all things Broadway!"... "A class act!" – Variety

"An endless storehouse of salty showbiz anecdotes." - NY Times

"Terrific!" - Entertainment Weekly

"At 90 years old, Channing’s still got some kick in her. You’re lookin’ swell, Dolly!" – Metromix

"A totally adoring portrait of Channing." - NY Post

"Channing is an inspiration, and so's the film." -

The story of legendary performer Carol Channing's life is as colorful as the lipstick on her big, bright smile. In CAROL CHANNING: LARGER THAN LIFE, director Dori Berinstein (ShowBusiness, Gotta Dance), with co-writer Adam Zucker, captures the magic and vivacity of the 90-year-old icon – both onstage and off...past and present.  The film is both an intimate love story and a rarefied journey inside Broadway's most glamorous era.  It is, above all, a look at an inspiring, incomparable and always entertaining American legend.